Local Surf Photos by Jennifer Harter

Local Costa Rican Jennifer Harter is not only a wedding photographer, she also captures wonderful nature photos. We were lucky enough to have her share some of these photos with us, as well as a bit about her inspiration. Born and raised in San José, Costa Rica, Harter moved to Malpais for a new adventure in 2002. She was so influenced by taking the time to commune with nature and sea life in Malpais that it changed the course of her life.

She left the country to study in Barcelona, Spain and completed her photography studies at Grisart Escuela Univesitaria de Fotografiía. There, she specialized and focused on documental photography - capturing real moments in natural lighting. To quote Jennifer, 

     "The ocean is my love and photography is my passion. Combining them has allowed me to live a life that I adore. Through my images I try to vividly capture miraculous, magical living moments by synchronizing my eyes, my mind, and most importantly my heart. As a surfer I´ve learned that splendor and challenge comes from mastering the art of improvisation while playing with the ever-changing universe."

Here are some of her surf photos, inspired by nature, ocean-side living, her education in photography and Malpais. 

Our Favorite Rashguards for your Surf Honeymoon

Costa Rica is home to some of the best surf breaks in Central America. A fun idea for your honeymoon is to take a surf lesson with your new husband. Look super stylish during your lesson, while feeling comfortable and rash-free!

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