Inspiration & Ideas :: Sky Lanterns

Whether you're eloping just the two of you, or feting with a hundred guests, consider commemorating your commitment by launching sky lanterns over the sea, collectively making a wish for a future of happiness. 


Watching a stream of sky lanterns leisurely float out of view is fun, memorable, and a little bit magical, and with wide open beaches and off-shore breezes, Costa Rica is the perfect place for it. 


Sky lanterns can be launched anytime throughout the evening, but for the best photos, I recommend doing it right after the sun goes down, perhaps while everyone is still together on the beach enjoying cocktail hour, and before sitting down to dinner. It's fun later on in the night, too, but consider that a group of semi-drunk guests fumbling in the complete darkness to light their lanterns might be more amusing than productive, and without some light in the sky for context, the lanterns just look like little dots in photos.


Sky lanterns are available in Costa Rica and can potentially be arranged through your planner, but not all lanterns are created equal. Some are flimsy, hard to light, and some require a good bit of assembly, so for best results we suggest you bring your own and we recommend these.