Real Costa Rica Wedding by Margaux Photography

Carly and Robert are a young and adventurous couple and after getting engaged in Costa Rica, they knew a beach town was the perfect spot for their wedding. Margaux Gamble of Margaux Photography not only captured Carly and Robert's intimate wedding at a private residence in Manuel Antonio, but she was also able to take the couple around town the next day for a Day After photo session. This allowed the couple to get some extra photos in the tropical setting. Read below for photographer Margaux's advice on a Day After session and why it might be perfect for your destination wedding.

Photography advice from Margaux Gamble of Margaux Photography:

I strongly believe that if my couples envision their wedding with an emphasis on photography, then a day after session is paramount. Here are the reasons why:  

Number 1: Planning a wedding takes an absorbent amount of energy, all the while, trying to fit in the other daily tasks of life. You want to be able to enjoy the company of your guests on your wedding day for the most amount of time possible. Keeping in mind that the couples' portraits take a bit of time depending on your photographer's style as well as the schedule of the day is important to remember when deciding to include a day after session in your wedding photography package... which leads into

Number 2: If you are getting married in Costa Rica, keep in mind that the sun sets between 5:30 pm and 6:15 pm year round... and it sets FAST! Depending on your ceremony time and the size of your wedding party/guest list, the light just may be enough for portraits of wedding parties and group photos. It is never fun feeling rushed especially while trying to have your photo taken!

Number 3: Think of what the two of you will have gone through: a love that has been shared and lived up to the point of the ceremony and, in a flash, forever altered with a kiss that represents a life-changing bond between you and your partner. The night continues on with dinner, drinks, dancing and the utmost joy shared with the closest family and friends! Now, there is a particular glow that couples have on the day after their wedding. Many times I have noticed while photographing a day after session a quiet and subtle exchange of love. It is a time for the bride and groom to recognize the commitment they have just made to one another and relish in the fact that their love is more solid and natural than ever before. Speaking from the perspective of a wedding photographer, I must say photographing images of this emotion is why I am in the wedding industry.

After all is said and done, my main reason for being such an advocate for the day after session is that it provides that effortlessly balanced feeling in a relaxed way that focuses on the reason all of your family and friends are gathered to celebrate: the two of you and the love you share.

Photography: Margaux Photography

Planner: Kristina of Perennial Weddings

Venue: Private Residence in Manuel Antonio

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