4 Destination Wedding Tips

1. Find a local wedding planner who knows the area and has great reviews. Having an efficient planner is the best money you can spend during your Destination adventure . They can also provide you with valuable advice about local vendors, expected costs etc.
2.  Make sure to set up a wedding website. This should be a resourceful page where your guests can  gather information and answer any questions they have. Make booking their travel arrangements easy! 
3. Sending a Save the Date for your destination wedding is pertinent. You should give your guests 8 to 12 months to plan for your wedding out-of-state. The more time, the better so that they can find affordable airfare and plan ahead.
4. Always remember that a wedding cost is per person. This means that the more people you invite, the more people you will need to host. A common thought is that not as many people will travel for a far-away wedding. This isn't necessarily true. Make sure to keep this in mind with your budget, before going overboard.