Locally Made :: Pura Vida Bracelets

During a visit to a small community in Costa Rica, travelers Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman came across two men named Jorge and Joaquin. They were selling woven bracelets on the street. The two men made handmade jewelry and Griffin and Paul thought that these bracelets captured the essence of their journey to Costa Rica perfectly. When they first met Jorge and Joaquin, they were living in a single room with three beds shared by several other members of their family. Paul and Griffin asked them if they could make 400 bracelets to take back to the United States with them.

When Paul and Griffin returned to their home in California, they decided to put the bracelets into a bowl at a local boutique shop for sale. They quickly sold the bracelets, helping them to realize that they were more than just your everyday bracelet. Turns out, they had started a movement. 

Now, they are able to give Jorge and Joaquin proficient business. They currently live comfortably in a house of their own and have 30 of their friends and family members working with them. Jorge and Joaquin went from selling a few bracelets a week, to six thousand every month. Their bracelets are now being sold in 2,500+ surf shops, boutiques, college book stores, and a few large chain stores around the world.

Pura Vida!