DIY :: Kites

We absolutely love this DIY kite idea. All the steps are included in making the perfect kite. Thanks Oh Happy Day



- Colored Card Stock

-Dowel (any size)

-Thin Flat Hobby Wood (about ¾ inch wide)


-Tissue Paper

-Quick Dry Tacky Glue




Step 1: Cut out a kite shape from the card stock.
Step 2: Measure and cut the flat hobby wood to the height of the kite.
Step 3: Using scissors, split the hobby wood down the middle.
Step 4: Glue one half of the split wood from top to bottom on the paper kite.
Step 5: Measure the distance from the center of the kite to the side point. Cut the other half of the split hobby wood to this length.
Step 6: Glue these shorter pieces from the center of the kite to the side points.
Step 7: Trim the hobby wood so that it doesn’t hang over the edges of the kite.
Step 8: Using the leftover card stock, cut out a triangle about 3 inches tall.
Step 9: Fold over a strip at the bottom of the triangle. Place glue on this strip and attach it to the middle of the back of the kite (the side without wood.)
Step 10: Cut out strips of tissue paper about a half an inch wide and two feet long.
Step 11: On the bottom corner of the kite back, glue strips of tissue paper on top of each other to create a tail.
Step 12: Cut a string about 1 1/2 feet long and glue one end to the triangle on the back side of the kite.
Step 13: Apply a little glue to the top of your dowel, and wrap the other end of the string around it.
Step 15: Be sure to let the whole kite dry completely before use.

-Use these as possible favors for guests and kids at your destination wedding!