Responsible Tourism

Costa Rica is known for its many natural gifts, and of course we want to keep them intact so residents and visitors can continue to enjoy them. Which is why responsible tourism is an important issue to us at Destinos. 

My friend Ale recently sent me a short documentary about how tourism has affected Costa Rica called Cracking the Golden Egg. In a lot of ways, Costa Rica tourism has grown faster than the infrastructure has been able to keep up with, but compared to other tourist destinations, Costa Rica still remains largely undeveloped and rustic. Still, when planning your Costa Rica honeymoon or vacation, I encourage you to research your accommodations and be sure they are contributing at least as much to the local environment & economy as they are benefitting from it. There are so many wonderful eco-lodges and boutique hotels that exist in harmony with their surroundings that I hope you patronize businesses that operate out of a love for Costa Rica, and not just on eye for profit at the detriment of the local people, animals, and environment. Not all major hotels are bad, and not all small hotels are good, so read up, ask for recommendations, and be sure you are making good choices. And we will continue to recommend businesses that share a dedication to preserving the beauty and character of this beautiful country. Pura vida!