Locally Made :: Costa Rica Craft Beers

The official beer of Costa Rica is Imperial, which can be had everywhere easily and cheaply and its logo is as much a part of the local landscape as the palm trees, seen everywhere from signage to t-shirts to beach towels. But it's nothing special, and to add some artisanal local flavor to your Costa Rica wedding, why not support our small businesses and get some Costa Rican craft brew for your thirsty guests. There seems to be a craft brewery renaissance happening right now, and the variety of beers available is both interesting and tasty. Here are the ones to seek out:

Costa Rica's Craft Brewing Co.

With two refreshing varietals, a red ale called Segua and a tropical golden ale called Libertas, Costa Rica Craft Brewing Company's beers are getting noticed and are now available all over the country at finer restaurants and bars, and are definitely available in bulk for your wedding or event.


Volcano Brewing Company

From their Witch's Rock Pale Ale to their seasonal dark ale Gato Malo, Volcano is making their mark on the local beer movement. And their brewery, hotel, and restaurant across the lake from Arenal Volcano is definitely worth a visit if you're in that area for its amazing food and views.


Treintaycinco Fábrica Artesanal de Cervezas 

This is a new company and I have yet to sample their appealing-looking brews, but they got great reviews from the local beer festival and I can't wait to try them. You can't judge a beer by its bottle, but with design as cool as that, how could they be bad?

What's your favorite Costa Rican beer?