Making a Statement :: Heels

Just because you're getting married barefoot on the beach doesn't mean you can't rock some statement heels with your dress at the reception or for your bridal portraits! These statement heels are an easy way to add a little sparkle to your bridal look. Just remember to bring some flats for the late night dance party!

Making A Statement :: Bridal Anklet

New destination wedding trend alert: the bridal anklet! If getting married barefoot on the beach sounds ideal to you, consider a simple floral wreath for your ankle or even a tasteful beaded cuff to tie your bridal look together.


Making a Statement :: Floral Gowns

The floral trend is hot right now, and making a statement with your wedding gown is one place to rock the look. From bright and airy to fitted and glamorous, here are a few of our favorite floral gowns found on Pinterest.